A complete project: consulting, co-design, design, production, testing, FAT, installation and assistance. HiRef: your one-stop supplier.

How are HiRef products, services and software created? We are sensitive to designer and customer needs and we match their requirements with our analysis, research and creativity, to offer a personalised customer experience and complete air conditioning projects. Passion is the red thread linking a wide range of skills and driving our most ambitious projects. Review the products on offer or ask for advice to build an innovative and unprecedented, tailor-made solution.
Technology and sustainability are in our DNA
Our extensive range of precision air conditioning products includes technologically advanced and highly efficient solutions, which enhance industrial and IT processes with a focus on sustainability and systems integration.
Application sectors
Whether it's new facilities or existing buildings, our ability to think outside the box and create innovative solutions is at its best in critical industrial and technological environments: places where future-proof performance is required.
Personalised air conditioning systems
Let our engineers advise you to build a complete, tailor-made project and help you make the most out of your air conditioning system. Start here.