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Edge Data Center

The Prefabricated Data Center in the Age of Edge Data Centers

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Year: 2023

The main driver is the growth of digitisation in all sectors, which requires the ability to handle more and more data in very fast processing times.


Data center market is evolving by leaps and bounds towards the expansion of new edge computing facilities. A steady growth that Markets and Markets expects to increase from 7.2 billion USD in 2021 to 19.1 billion USD by 2026, with a CAGR of 21.4 %.
The main driver is the growth of digitisation in all sectors, which requires the ability to handle more and more data in very fast processing times.

Thus Edge data centers are emerging, small computing facilities built near the edge of a network or smart city to provide cloud computing resources and cached content to end users and connected devices, close to the IT infrastructure. The great advantage provided by Edge data centers is, in fact, the proximity between a user and the network, which enables fast connectivity with minimal latency and reduced bandwidth costs.

Typically, an Edge data center is connected on a large scale with multiple other similar infrastructures scattered throughout the territory, or with a main centralised data center, to provide services to organisations in a more efficient and high-performing manner. Major users include: telecommunications, 5G, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart factories.

Prefabricated Data Center: modular, fast and customised

The growing popularity of edge computing means that new facilities must be built in strategic and proximity locations that are smaller and built more quickly than a traditional centralised data center.

The most suitable solution is to build the data center with a prefabricated modular system, which is also capable of adapting to the existing context or redeveloping disused buildings.

HiRef's DataDom is a tailor-made solution that meets the needs of edge data centers:
- Swift time to market,
- Scalability of the economic investment proportionate to business growth,
- Highly sustainable, in accordance with the decarbonisation goals set out in the European Green Deal,
- Efficient, with integrated heat recovery system
- Easy to install, with reduced labour costs and optimised space availability.

The DataDom solution. Pre-assembled, integrated and tested, ready for use.

HiRef's prefabricated Data Center is designed flexibly, to adapt to future evolutions of the infrastructure itself and the Data Center owner, and with all the latest technologies for precision IT air conditioning.

The advantages of DataDom are many.

- Customisation, first of all. A wide range of components and accessories, racks, containment systems, electrical distribution panels and air conditioners: all according to specific requirements.
- Double compartmentalisation to prevent hot and cold air volumes from mixing,
- Heat re-use for the needs of the infrastructure itself,
- Remote management and supervision of cooling systems via the HiNode system, which is compatible with all - HiRef and third-party products. PUE analysis.
- Hotspot Hunting System included. The system detects hot spots in the server room and initiates all actions to maximise the effectiveness of the cooling system.

In addition, different types of infrastructure configuration can be chosen to best suit the building context:

- Data Center in indoor kit with box-in-box logic, can be implemented inside any pre-existing building;
- Data Center in container, modular, stand-alone, REI, RINA certified, compliant with STANAG and MIL armouring standards;
- Data Center in a shelter, composed of pre-assembled modules that are mounted at the installation site.