About | HiRef S.p.A.



Innovation is in our DNA

HiRef SpA was created in September 2001 as a start-up born in the very heart of the Italian cooling technology district from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Galletti family and the determination of Mauro Mantovan. Over the past 20 years we have become established as technological leaders in the IT infrastructure cooling sector.
We have always stood out for our hands-on approach, flexibility and dynamism: these characteristics have given us and our customers broad prospects for growth and development, making the most of any given opportunities. Today the parent company HiRef has independent spin-offs founded over the years to diversify and make the best use of the many innovative lines that operate in different sectors of HVAC & R and related components.
HiRef is a group capable of anticipating change instead of waiting for change to happen: only in this way, by managing to think outside the box, can we continue to grow.

Mauro Mantovan