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Goodbye Mauro. You will always be our guide.

  • Corporate

Year: 2022


Dear colleagues, partners, customers, friends,

Mauro Mantovan suddenly passed away on Saturday.
We have lost a leader, a father, a friend, a teacher. Unfortunately our Mauro will no longer be with us.

Please bear with us if in these days the service you are usually used to will be limited, we trust you understand the moment of pain we are facing.

A challenging future full of responsibility awaits us, but we will treasure his teachings, his vision and also his way of dealing with life.

Mauro has created 8 companies that now have more than 300 employees: over the years he has been able to form a team that has made up the backbone of this reality. This team is ready to give continuity to the work done to date.

Business continuity is guaranteed according to the statute, entrusting operations to Alberto Salmistraro and Fabio Poletto.

HiRef S.p.A.