HiRef and university of Padua: an ever-stronger bond and a special anniversary

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Year: 2022


School and business should not be separate worlds, but realities that meet and develop projects oriented to a better and sustainable future.

It is for this reason that also for 2022 we have chosen to be Meritorious Supporting Members of the Association of Amici dell’Università di Padova, created to promote and develop a permanent link between the economic/productive world and the university world. An interweaving that we believe should be supported, enhanced and developed, also to give talents the opportunity to increase their potential and come into direct contact with the world of work.This year the University of Padua is celebrating 800 years, a truly important anniversary that carries with it all the value of culture and the dissemination of knowledge over time, and we are proud to collaborate with the Association of Amici dell’Unipd in the celebrations of such a noteworthy event that will go down in history.