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New multi-purpose heat pumps designed to reduce noise pollution: MSL

Year: 2022

Company founder Mauro Mantovan: "Our ability to innovate and think outside the box is reflected by our products"


Efficient and (ultra)low-noise. HiRef, a well-established player on the international cooling system scene, presents its new MSL series product line: Class A multipurpose air-condensed heat pumps with scroll compressors. Chillers that are installed on the roofs of buildings: therefore, it is essential to guarantee an acoustic impact as close to zero as possible.

«Innovators above the standards: HiRef's new corporate payoff perfectly captures the meaning of our work strategy - says Mauro Mantovan, company co-founder and CEO. Our ability to innovate, thinking outside the box, is reflected by our products, capable of continuously adjusting to the challenges posed by the market. Our traditional focus on sustainability, in particular, is behind the production of this new line of environment-friendly heat pumps, designed to reduce noise pollution.»

The new MSL range multi-purpose units are air/water units in energy class A for both cooling and heating, available for use with R454B refrigerant in the low environmental impact "A2L" version, or with the standard R410A refrigerant. The MSL range is designed to manage the conditioning of industrial plants and thermal loads in technological applications, where 24/7 reliability in all working conditions, one of the assets of these units, is a critically important requirement. The MSL range uses latest generation scroll compressors, shell and tube dual pass water heat exchangers optimised for use with high pressure refrigerants (R410A/R454B) and ultra-low noise axial fans.

To ensure easier maintenance of the condensing coil manifolds and refrigeration circuit components, which are located behind the electrical panel, the MSL range is supplied as standard with the Hi-Rail sliding guide. This allows the control panel to be easily removed, resulting in extra space for unscheduled maintenance, without impacting the footprint required for normal operation of the unit.

Another factor that heavily weighs on the entire plant running costs is finned coil defrosting during wintertime operation. The special management of the defrosting cycle of MSL units minimises the time to completion and ensures that defrosting is only performed when strictly necessary, guaranteeing greater heating efficiency. The presence of two or four completely independent thermodynamic circuits ensures uninterrupted operation also during the defrosting phase, with practically no thermal discomfort for the user.

During the design phases of the MSL units, special focus was placed on the configurability of the hydraulic connections.

They can be on the back, on the right or left side according to system and installation requirements. This attention to detail is particularly useful whenever an existing unit must be replaced or in confined installation spaces.