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HiRef: 360 degree commitment to customer satisfaction

HiRef: 360 degree commitment to customer satisfaction

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Year: 2023

Location: Italy

Product category: Rooftop

Maximum comfort with HRT units

Maximum comfort with HRT units


Maximum comfort with HRT units

HiRef was chosen by one of the most important international fast food chains for the air conditioning of several restaurants located throughout Italy.

Due to the scale of the project, the client looked for a reliable and flexible partner capable of meeting its technical requirements and guaranteeing the quality of services, also with a view to future installations.

Its priority?

To provide maximum comfort for its customers in terms of air quality and temperature delivery. This is why HiRef has installed two HRT units in each restaurant.
These rooftop, available in different sizes and configurations, allow constant regulation of the air flow rates within the restaurant, precisely controlling the air flows between the room and the kitchen so that they do not mix. High-efficiency filters also allow restaurant customers to breathe air that is clean and healthy from odours and pollutants.

And for energy efficiency?

In this project, the units have been configured with active thermodynamic recovery with a dedicated battery. This technology uses the exhaust air as a source, in order to achieve dissipation at a more favourable temperature than the outside air.
This translates into greater savings in utility bills, guaranteed comfort for restaurant customers and lower risk of malfunctioning. These are the aspects that make the difference in the short and in the long term.

Successful projects are based on relationships of trust and collaboration.

HiRef not only provides a quality product, but also guarantees a complete service to its customers: from support to designers in selecting the most suitable product for their needs, to logistics and installation of the units, and after-sales support. Successful design always starts from relationships between people who are committed to developing the best solutions according to the characteristics of each installation.

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