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HiRef and the (almost) impossible mission!

HiRef and the (almost) impossible mission!

  • Data Centers

Year: 2023

Location: North Italy

Product category: Chillers

Mission (Almost) Impossible: HiRef overcomes challenges for a net-zero future!

Mission (Almost) Impossible: HiRef overcomes challenges for a net-zero future!


Mission (Almost) Impossible: HiRef overcomes challenges for a net-zero future!

HiRef has won a tender put out by one of the world's leading insurance companies.
This company, aiming to align with the Paris Climate Agreement, has set a goal of going net-zero by 2050.
For this reason, it decided to replace three low-efficiency chiller units used in their data center with two XVAs, equipped with screw compressors and shell and tube exchangers of 1.5MW each.

These two-circuit, two-compressor solutions provide excellent efficiency at partial loads and ensure total redundancy-a must-have feature in a high-security server, where no margin for error is accepted.
In addition, our two water-cooled chillers are distinguished by excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of R513A refrigerant, a class A1 refrigerant gas with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and nonflammable.

But there's more!

not only provided green and efficient solutions, but also offered disassembly and reassembly service directly on site.
In fact, the client needed to run these massive two-meter-wide and more than five-meter-long machines through small cavities.
Therefore, after the FAT carried out at the factory in our laboratories with the presence of the customer and its consultants, the machine was disassembled and the gas was discharged for a total quantity of about 600 kg.
The whole thing was then reassembled on site thanks to the skill of our staff and authorized technical service center.

The result

HiRef has successfully embraced this (almost) impossible mission, offering state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable solutions and ensuring high quality service.
Easy? No
Challenging? To the max!

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