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We believe in the importance of research and the study of new ideas as the driving force that pushes us every day towards increasingly innovative solutions.

Approximately 3% of our turnover is reinvested in Research and Development every year. We are focused on the implementation of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones, we study and develop mathematical models and simulation methods that support mechanical and electrical design and the development of machine/plant control software, to create sustainable solutions that go beyond the accepted standards.

  • The road to sustainability goes through the enhancement of talent and lateral thinking, the combination of which results in new solutions capable of opening unexplored paths, to create products with the lowest possible environmental impact.


Study areas

Study, curiosity and the drive towards innovation are behind our core values.

Application of CO2

Since 2012 HiRef has adopted CO2 as a natural refrigerant fluid to ensure significant energy savings and reduced emission of pollutants into the environment. Its use requires a complete redevelopment of the technologies in use and the design of specific cycle components and regulation and control systems. Our goal was to extend the application of a refrigerant with such a low environmental impact to all sectors of HWAC: a daring, forward-looking choice in those days, still valid today in terms of environmental sustainability.

Organic Rankine Cycle

In 2015 we launched the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) study to design systems able to convert available heat into electricity, even at low temperatures, using organic substances as an operating fluid. Applications aim at sustainability through geothermal systems and heat recovery from industrial processes and IT cooling.

Liquid cooling

Today, the Information Technology market expects equipment with greater computing capacity and increasing power density by achieved by optimising the use of infrastructures. Liquid Cooling is the ideal solution for cooling of these types of application. Since 2019, we have implemented a project, already initiated in 2013, intended to study and develop dedicated and optimised solutions and products for Liquid Cooling, in order to maximise cooling efficiency and recover the heat generated by infrastructures.

Waste heat recovery

Our goal is to increase environmental sustainability by optimising energy flows and maximising system efficiency, by always ensuring the right Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Since 2010 we have been designing solutions and products capable of reusing the heat recovered from industrial processes or from the cooling of Data Centers, to be made available for local use in comfort or process applications, or in a wider perspective, by providing connections to district heating networks, with the aim of making our cities increasingly smart.

Geothermal energy

Since 2003 we have been developing products capable of making the most of renewable sources such as low enthalpy geothermal energy. We optimise and study system solutions to reduce operating and investment costs. We have applied this type of technology to many industries, including the industrial, tertiary and commercial sectors.