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Testing Labs

Testing Labs

You can personally check the performance of your unit

Our tests make it possible to prove the operation of the machine before installing it. An essential moment to verify conformity with the working conditions defined in the project.


What can we do for you?

Each test has its own laboratory

Each Testing Lab is equipped with an excellent data acquisition and supervision system, with real-time monitoring of product operating parameters. The information acquired allows us to calculate different performance indices and assess the efficiency and energy savings of the product.

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Low-T Lab

Down to -50°C: the test area for extreme temperatures.

  • We check the reliability of components at very low temperatures and carry out performance tests for small units at temperatures within an extended application range.

The Low-T Lab is a climate room in which extreme temperature conditions (down to -50°C) are recreated, simulating the most severe winter climates. This allows for testing monobloc air conditioners for telecommunication applications, as well as various types of component including test modules, fans, electrical panels or even small scale prototypes. This critical temperature is maintained inside the room thanks to direct expansion units connected to a two-stage compressor unit with CO2 subcritical refrigeration cycle.

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Data Center Lab

Two independent test rooms up to +60°C

  • We test the performance of the units by recreating the climatic conditions of the setting in which they are to be installed, even simulating real air flows.

Our Data Center Lab is a climate lab (with floating floor and false ceiling) that replicates the different layouts of server rooms with the aim of testing direct expansion or chilled water units, in the actual operating conditions typical of a Data Center. The Data Center Lab has two rooms that can be partitioned by using an insulating and removable wall. They can operate independently as two rooms with different climatic conditions (e.g. indoor and outdoor), or be kept at the same temperature and humidity conditions, simulating a single confined environment.

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Hyper Lab

Large test room for oversized dimensions and power

  • We test the performance in actual operating conditions for units up to 13m long, with heights over 3m and for power up to 2.0 thermal MW.

  • Fino a temperature di -35°C

Designed and built entirely by HiRef's R&D facility, Hyper Lab is designed to test air/water, water/water chillers and heat pumps, large air/air (HiRef DataBatic) and power rating (up to 1.5 MW of nominal cooling capacity and 2.0 MW of thermal capacity) units. In the case of air/air units it is possible to simulate the outdoor environment (external air intake) down to temperatures of -35°C.

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Acoustic Lab

Environment-proof acoustic performance

  • We test the acoustic performance of products to ensure that it is in line with our customers' requirements.

For acoustic tests, within the scope of our close collaboration with the University of Padua, we rely on the academic staff that deals with certification requirements and performs the tests in an area outside HiRef's premises, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 3746 standard and equipped to carry out free field tests of both air and water dissipation units. The instrumentation that we adopt, in precision class 1, allows accuracy values up to 1.5 dBA in favourable environmental conditions.

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Data Box Lab

Tests in real operating conditions

  • We carry out prolonged tests on our products and components specially designed for Data Centers and IT infrastructures.

In our mini Data Center (Datadom Line series) complete with IT infrastructures and cooled with different cooling systems, from adiabatic to high density, we can obtain information on the reliability and seasonal performance of our products.

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