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We test our products for you.

  • At customer's request, HiRef products can be evaluated through the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test): a conventional or simulated functionality test that is carried out before delivery. This is a very important moment for the designer and the customer who can see, in preview and with accessible data, whether the solution we have proposed meets the performance promised in the design phase.


Two words: many benefits. Read why our FAT are so important.

No surprise

Test in advance the machine continuous operation, recreating the conditions of its final installation setting.


Check the quality of the components and ensure the completeness of the systems, in line with what was agreed in the design phase.

Fit your budget

Avoid (or minimise) operating faults, on-site issues and any budget overruns.

All inclusive

Obtain all-encompassing service throughout the supply chain

What is a FAT ?

A FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is performed to make sure that the equipment produced actually fulfils the intended purpose. The purpose of these tests is to test the operation of the equipment and ensure that all design requirements have been met.

Why is it important to perform FAT?

A FAT helps to resolve any functional problems before the air conditioning unit reaches the customer's installation site. In our testing lab, customers can carry out tests using their own instrumentation.

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