HiRef wins major tender for supply of Telecom units | HiRef S.p.A.


HiRef wins major tender for supply of Telecom units

HiRef wins major tender for supply of Telecom units

  • Telecommunications

Year: 2023

Location: Italy

Product category: Shelter cooling

HiRef air conditioners cut energy costs

HiRef air conditioners cut energy costs


HiRef air conditioners cut energy costs

A renowned Tower Company, operating in the Italian 5G market, issued a tender for the acquisition of a large number of air conditioners with the aim of significantly lowering its energy consumption. HiRef participated as a supplier of the monoblock units with an innovative and high-efficiency solution, passing all the verification stages.


One of the essential requirements for winning the tender was the passing of the performance and acoustic tests that the customer requested on HiRef products. In the course of these tests, the NTU, NTX and NTG indoor units, which feature inverter technology and integrated Free-Cooling, were evaluated. These units represent the perfect solution for the air-conditioning of telecommunications systems because they combine remarkable performance with high energy efficiency, reducing operating and management costs. Their versatility guarantees safety and redundancy to the system thanks to the presence of a dual power supply that allows the air-conditioning system to continue operating, even in the event of a failure of the main power supply.


HiRef put its in-house laboratories at the customer's disposal to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of its products. The engineers working in HiRef's Testing Labs were able to recreate the same situations that occur in telecommunications sites, simulating the possible environmental conditions.
Specifically, the Acoustic Lab and DataCenter Lab test facilities gave the customer the opportunity to verify all the required specifications in terms of cooling power, energy consumption, environmental conditions and, last but not least, the level of noise emissions.

The result?

HiRef has been awarded the supply contract for the next few years for monobloc units for shelters, cabinets and rooms!
This testifies the great potential of these products and demonstrates HiRef's ability to interpret requests in the best possible way, putting resources and facilities at the service of customers in order to offer the best possible solution.

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